Title: Fixes for maven/build.xml to make the 'install' target work and to support a standalone jar
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Components: Versions: 2.7a2
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Created on 2012-06-14.12:08:53 by tcrawley, last changed 2012-06-27.19:32:50 by fwierzbicki.

File name Uploaded Description Edit Remove
maven_install_fix_without_whitespace.patch tcrawley, 2012-06-14.12:08:53 A review only patch
maven_install_fix_with_whitespace.patch tcrawley, 2012-06-14.12:09:18 The patch to actually be applied
msg7219 (view) Author: Toby Crawley (tcrawley) Date: 2012-06-14.12:08:53
The attached patch fixes the 'install' target in maven/build.xml so that it actually installs jython.jar into the local maven repo, and also adds support for installing & bundling the standalone jar.

There are two patches: the without_whitespace patch is there just for visual review to see what was changed. The with_whitespace patch has the same changes but also cleans up the whitespace (mostly leading), and should be the patch that is applied.

This fix is dependent on the patch for #1922, since it requires that the top-level build.xml be able to build the standalone jar.
msg7266 (view) Author: Frank Wierzbicki (fwierzbicki) Date: 2012-06-27.18:59:40
Hi tcrawley - it looks like the patch with whitespace is missing pom-template.xml. It also looks like pom-template.xml is just a reformatted renamed version of the file in maven/pom.xml. (with the one change of using @ARTIFACT-ID@ instead of a hard coded one). Is that right? Did I miss anything? If that's the only difference I have that in a local branch and I can push it (it worked).
msg7267 (view) Author: Toby Crawley (tcrawley) Date: 2012-06-27.19:04:17
Frank: Yes, it's just a renamed pom.xml with the extra template placeholder for the id - I moved it out of the way so maven users wouldn't see it and try to `mvn install` in that dir. Sorry for leaving it out of the whitespace patch. 

Thanks for merging this in.
msg7268 (view) Author: Frank Wierzbicki (fwierzbicki) Date: 2012-06-27.19:21:43
Perfect! Merging it now.
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