Title: socket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_RCVBUF, tcp_window_size) with huge tcp_window_size does not raise an exception
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msg9010 (view) Author: Dan Stromberg (dstromberg) Date: 2014-09-21.23:57:56
socket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_RCVBUF, tcp_window_size)
...where tcp_window_size is truly gigantic, does not raise a socket.error with errno.EBADMSG.

It works fine in CPython 2.x, CPython 3.x, Pypy 2.3.1 and Pypy3 2.3.1.

Here's a link to some test code:

Thanks for the cool software!
msg9016 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2014-09-22.22:43:24
Dan, thanks for the bug report. Because we are going through an emulation using Netty 4, this is just the sort of info we need to remove these types of corner cases.
msg9076 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2014-10-05.16:55:35
Nice to have for 2.7.0
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