Title: Wiki out-of-date wrt current version
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Created on 2015-07-21.05:04:46 by tchaypo, last changed 2015-09-10.14:56:33 by adamburke.

msg10160 (view) Author: James Polley (tchaypo) Date: 2015-07-21.05:04:45 says 2.5.3 is stable and 2.5.4 should be coming out right after 2.7.0
msg10161 (view) Author: James Polley (tchaypo) Date: 2015-07-21.06:02:39 suggests emailing to ask to be added to the editors list, so I've done that.
msg10245 (view) Author: Adam Burke (adamburke) Date: 2015-09-10.14:56:33
Page updated. James, I missed the issue / mail asking to be added to the editors at the time. If you share your username I can add it. Thanks for helping.
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