Title: Building jython standalone manually results in local filesystem paths showing up in Jython stacktraces
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Milestone: Jython 2.7.1
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msg10993 (view) Author: Tom Alexander (teeohhem) Date: 2016-11-30.18:48:51
This is probably an improvement, but definitely an annoyance.
msg10994 (view) Author: Stefan Richthofer (stefan.richthofer) Date: 2016-12-01.00:17:35
Tom, as preparation to work on #527524 I recently looked into the part of Jython responsible to generate class-files. However I suppose I could fix this one too. The question is, how should the files in the stacktrace be named?

- The JVM usually prints filenames without path, e.g. plainly ''.

- CPython usually prints full, absolute path, e.g. '/usr/lib/python2.7/'.

So in a sense Java and Python conventions clash here.

Maybe the best compromise is to store paths relatively to Jython's build-directory (i.e. dist) and display them somehow like '<jython-home>/Lib/'.
Files not in a Jython-subfolder can continue to use CPython-style, since they are likely just compiled locally.

Also, we should have a flag or something in to specify a format, e.g. a base-path relatively from which filenames should be stored in generated classfiles.
msg10995 (view) Author: Stefan Richthofer (stefan.richthofer) Date: 2016-12-01.14:05:26
Fixed as of

See commit-message for choosen format.

Tom, does this fix stacktraces properly for you?
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