Title: Looking again at benchmarks
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msg12336 (view) Author: Sergei (sergei175) Date: 2019-01-24.00:59:06

Just to draw your attention: There is a discussion thread about some problems with Jython

i.e. certain calculations cannot be done due to very slow execution.
I do not know, is this a feature or a bug. Why other scripting languages (such as Groovy) are so fast? Can this point to some problems in the Jython core?
msg12338 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2019-01-24.23:27:46
Yes, it is slow for this scenario, at x10 slower as seen here. Jython and CPython should currently be at about the same speed, since they have very close implementations. I did find it interesting that JRuby had very similar performance, which shows how challenging speeding dynamically typed languages is.

There is however one thing that makes things unnecessarily slow: because Jython 2.7 implements the Python 2.7 language, the code should be written to use xrange, not range, which will allocate a list containing 100 million consecutive integers. That's obviously unnecessary overhead.

It is also possible that we can still improve this speed with InvokeDynamic and related support, but that's a hard engineering challenge, even with the improvements in this support in JDK 12.
msg12340 (view) Author: Sergei (sergei175) Date: 2019-01-25.02:01:17
Hi, Jim

 Thanks! I see that the stackoverlow has been already corrected with range()->xrange() for the Jython example. Now it's  much better (40 sec) than it was with "range()". Still, not clear why Groovy is super-fast.

msg12342 (view) Author: Sergei (sergei175) Date: 2019-02-03.02:22:27
Not a bug, but just a free "visionary" idea where to go with Jython
(after reading again the thread )

If Jython will be as fast as Groovy then Jython may easily dwarf CPython in popularity.  This will be a very strong selling point for Jython, and will attract many developers. But one needs to learn what is under the hood of  Groovy/JRuby. Of course, this is a lot of work, but this can be very promising direction.
msg12694 (view) Author: Jeff Allen (jeff.allen) Date: 2019-10-06.13:39:44
Adjusting the priority here so that, if ever we produce a Jython with decent performance for arithmetic (and who wouldn't want that?), we have this to hand. Taking off the 2.7.1 though.
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