Title: Failures in test_import_jy from Java 13
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Components: Core Versions: Jython 2.7
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Created on 2019-08-03.06:37:39 by jeff.allen, last changed 2019-08-03.06:37:39 by jeff.allen.

msg12616 (view) Author: Jeff Allen (jeff.allen) Date: 2019-08-03.06:37:38
Observed on Linux (my own job on Travis CI) we see two failures in test_import_jy when running on Java 13 or 14:

     [exec] ======================================================================
     [exec] FAIL: test_dunder_init (test.test_import_jy.MislabeledImportTestCase)
     [exec] ----------------------------------------------------------------------
     [exec] Traceback (most recent call last):
     [exec]   File "/home/travis/build/jeff5/jython/dist/Lib/test/", line 65, in test_dunder_init
     [exec]     self.assertEquals(module_obj.__file__, init)
     [exec] AssertionError: '/home/travis/build/jeff5/jython/dunder_init_test/' != 'dunder_init_test/'
     [exec] ======================================================================
     [exec] FAIL: test_import_star (test.test_import_jy.ImpTestCase)
     [exec] ----------------------------------------------------------------------
     [exec] Traceback (most recent call last):
     [exec]   File "/home/travis/build/jeff5/jython/dist/Lib/test/", line 177, in test_import_star
     [exec]     self.assertEquals(0,
     [exec] AssertionError: 0 != 1
     [exec] ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Before the second of these, we see:
     [exec] Traceback (most recent call last):
     [exec]   File "/home/travis/build/jeff5/jython/dist/Lib/test/", line 4, in <module>
     [exec]     p = Pattern.compile("foo")
     [exec] NameError: name 'Pattern' is not defined
     [exec] test_import_star (test.test_import_jy.ImpTestCase) ... FAIL

This suggests the import has failed here:
from java.util.regex import *   # Module: java.base
p = Pattern.compile("foo")

I'm pretty sure Pattern is there, so I think this may be the cache playing up again. One line of investigation is that, about Java 13, Oracle note:

Reminder of a change in b24 - A jrt URI can only encode paths to files in /modules tree (JDK-8224946)(

A jrt URL is a hierarchical URI with syntax jrt:/[$MODULE[/$PATH]]. When using the jrt file system, a object can be created with the java.nio.file.Path::toUri method to encode a normalized path to a file in the /modules tree. A jrt URL cannot encode a path to a file in the /packages tree. The jrt file system provider has changed in this release so that toUri fails with IOError when it is not possible to encode the file path as a jrt URI. This change may impact tools have been making use of URLs that are not compliant with the syntax. Tools with paths to files in /packages can use the toRealPath() method to obtain the real path (in /modules) before attempting to convert the file path to a URI.

We may as a result be bug-compatible with Java 9 to 12 in the work done on #2362 and #2734. Or it may be something quite different. Or both, as there are 2 failures.
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