Title: doing relative imports in a loop causes bad performance due to 2472
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msg13048 (view) Author: han (hansiang93) Date: 2020-05-08.23:04:14
the issue and its subsequent resolution bc317e2 causes a side effect where jython will attempt to find a relative import again and again despite having done so in the past.

This violates expected python 2.7 relative import optimisation that places a None whenever an import is not found as opposed to null.

Consider the case of a local import being done on a loop without the use of absolute imports, we will attempt to generate all java classes, org.python.core.JavaImportHelper.tryAddPackage(), org.python.core.JavaImportHelper.buildLoadedPackages(), and java.lang.Package.getPackages() which add up to tons of CPU time usage.
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