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1004 133 months ago md5 digest incorrect compared to python closed rcatherman
1005 133 months ago UDP Socket implicit create and unbound socket timeout closed rluse
1009 132 months ago Patch to add 'at' to the repr string. closed jszakmeister
1013 132 months ago jython crash with command: threading.local() closed shoyu
1010 132 months ago module logging doesn't work after rev 4201 closed shoyu
1019 132 months ago Can't change new-style class __name__ closed JP
1021 132 months ago Different Behaviour in socket.accept() and socket.listen() between jython and python closed asterio
1034 131 months ago can't supply dict() for globals in FunctionType() closed jek
1035 130 months ago set incorrectly raises TypeError when asked for superset/subset on non-set iterables closed jbellis
1036 130 months ago make Jython set pass (almost) all CPython tests closed jbellis
1040 130 months ago KeyError.__str__ doesn't use repr() closed leosoto
1033 130 months ago zlib.adler32 computes wrong values closed irmen
1016 130 months ago Support socket.TCP_NODELAY closed pjenvey
1037 130 months ago float(None) throws AttributeError instead of TypeError closed leosoto
1048 130 months ago List Comprehension in finally throws NPE closed fwierzbicki
1039 130 months ago AttributeError message on type instances doesn't match the CPython message closed leosoto
1038 130 months ago Custom KeyErrors raised from __getitem__ are swallowed closed leosoto
1056 129 months ago Bad mro() overrides not caught closed pjenvey
1059 129 months ago Possible to construct long(None) closed nriley
1046 129 months ago Problems with re and unicode closed leosoto
1068 128 months ago jython2.5a startup error closed tonetheman
1073 128 months ago help() in interactive python raises TypeError under Windows closed gkalab
1076 128 months ago 2.5a1 jython.bat doesn't work from Windows explorer closed dergo
1082 128 months ago asm parser can't handle PySourceColor module closed pjenvey
1084 128 months ago asm-branch: SyntaxError: ('mismatched input expecting INDENT', ('/Software/hg/jython/asm/dist/Lib/', 0, 0, '')) closed mfriedenhagen
1087 128 months ago assert error message at end of Python script differs from Py2.5 closed baoilleach
1086 128 months ago Handling of """quoted strings""" for 2.5a differs from Jy2.2 and Py2.5 closed baoilleach
1088 128 months ago Existing .py$class files from Jy2.2 cause error for Jy2.5a closed baoilleach
1093 128 months ago Installer 2.5a1 on MS Windows: Incorrect jar is referred to in bin/jython closed akmb
1069 128 months ago setuptools: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith' closed thijs
1050 128 months ago Don't display banner/prompts when stdin is not a tty closed nriley
1092 128 months ago Parser problems on Django tree closed leosoto
1060 128 months ago deriveds don't support coerce closed pjenvey
1054 128 months ago Patch: Fastpath for cursor.executemany() closed leosoto
1045 128 months ago PyBoolean.__tojava__(Object.class) should return a Boolean closed leosoto
1099 128 months ago cannot import PathPackageManager closed tbri
1072 128 months ago Parsing error in file with white space at the end closed fjakobs
1041 128 months ago AttributeError raised from descriptors __get__ method are swallowed closed leosoto
1104 128 months ago subprocess.Popen doesn't inherits os.environ to the spawned processes closed leosoto
1106 127 months ago os.getpid() call missing closed wesleys
1108 127 months ago AttributeError raised from __getattr__ method are swallowed closed akruis
1095 127 months ago AttributeError raised from __getattr__ method are swallowed closed akruis
1116 127 months ago parser NPE on dotted (more than 1) attribute decorators closed pjenvey
1015 126 months ago unicode string combination with % behaves unexpectedly closed seamus
1094 126 months ago mismatched input class parsing error on "class" attributes of a java object closed cprinos
1077 126 months ago Standalone installation fails closed cartman
1070 126 months ago Standalone crashes with ZipException closed ReneLeonhardt
1123 126 months ago Weird "unexpected at this time" error. closed astigmatik
1089 126 months ago cStringIO doesn't return unicodes when it should closed leosoto
1081 126 months ago Jython 2.5a1 standalone installer hangs closed mr_tines
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