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ID Activity Title Status Creator
2623 22 months ago jython (Linux) does not respect my EOF char open zsd
1726 22 months ago Interaction problem w/ emacs shells on windows open gma
2412 22 months ago Jython does not terminate process when used with loadwatch open iMichka
1669 57 months ago Interactive interpreter broken on Cygwin xterm open neuroaudio
1823 57 months ago jython launcher bash script induces terminal malfunction open slestak
2234 62 months ago PythonInterpreter and parser mis-handle encoding open jeff.allen
1957 65 months ago Windows only CTRL-C no longer works since Jython 2.5.2 open clach04
695383 22 months ago close()-ing sys.stdin/stdout causes Jython to exit open daishiharada
1723 57 months ago stdout not working; print redirected to stderr? open jasonsmith
1270 59 months ago CRTL+C kills Jython console open boisgera
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