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Tornado should run on Jython, and it does not appear to really rely on fcntl (#1943). Instead, Tornado mainly seems to be missing some functionality in our ssl implementation, likely minor.

Apply the following diff to a clone of

$ git diff
diff --git a/tornado/platform/ b/tornado/platform/
index 449b634..6d0f435 100644
--- a/tornado/platform/
+++ b/tornado/platform/
@@ -35,6 +35,10 @@ if 'APPENGINE_RUNTIME' in os.environ:
 elif == 'nt':
     from tornado.platform.common import Waker
     from import set_close_exec
+elif == 'java':
+    from tornado.platform.common import Waker
+    def set_close_exec(fd):
+        pass
     from tornado.platform.posix import set_close_exec, Waker

set_close_exec can be a no-op on Jython because Java opens files such that the file descriptors are closed on exec; see

After installing dependencies (backports-abc, singledispatch), $ jython -m tornado.test.runtests. But see its tox.ini for more options. Many tests curerently pass, but Tornado is failing in some aspects of using SSL, such as missing attributes on SSL sockets and possibly exception handling.
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