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Also true of the Jython 2.5 branch (which we would be unlikely to fix).

For both Jython 2.5 branch and 2.7, triple quotes are simply ignored by the Jython console. To support interactive completions over multiple lines, the console uses a special grammar (and I believe a special set of tokenization rules, hence this problem), when compared to directly compiling files. 

You can see this behavior at this point in Jython 2.7:

>>> """
>>> this is a

vs what should be the case:

>>> """
... this is a

No interactive completion allowed - the triple quotes are simply ignored. But context matters; this assignment works fine in Jython 2.7:

>>> x = """Jython should not ignore this content
... """
>>> x
'Jython should not ignore this content\n\n'
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