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In general, 2.7.0 does a better job with large methods than 2.5.x, due to collection literal splitting, which is by far the most common case, as seen in the discussion of #1891. In most cases, such large methods are code generated and are usually quite simple.

However, not all large modules are so simple. So I'm aware of one specific case, Ply, which generates too large methods that neither use splittable literals; and is non trivial to split. It requires #527524 to be solved.

There is a workaround, which is to compile to Python bytecode, and then use pycimport, but this is considered *experimental* at this time. It will be supported at some point in the 2.7.x dev lifecycle, but it has not been prioritized (ie, not likely to be in 2.7.2).

Hope that helps!
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