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Yes Tomcat is trying to do the right thing, alas, it's the second message reporting a problem leaving the webapp in an "unredeployable" state (a message I posted april 25th). 

The message states that Tomcat cannot delete the directory WEB-INF/lib. This directory only contains the jython jar. I tried to delete the directory manually. It did not work, I had to shutdown Tomcat to delete the jython jar and complete the redeploy cleanup by hand. 

If it were'nt of this, Tomcat could have circumvent the leak. It's as if the ThreadLocal object mentioned in the first message is holding an open file handle on the jython jar.

Good news about trunk 2.7.1. I'm willing to test it using my setup. Is 2.7.1 beta 3 a good candidate for me to try?

Meanwhile we have to use Groovy for our BPM scripting stuff and, for us, it's not a viable long term solution as Python is our dynamic programming language of choice.
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