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Did someone take a look at this repository?
It's only 3 weeks old, but might be promising.

Also. I was able to do some basic stuff with sqlite3 on Linux using JyNI. Importing works out of the box, creating, a db, cursor, execute simple sql-commands works. Some unittests crash JVM with a segfault (5 or so). If I remove these crashing tests, about 70% of the remaining unittests succeed. So, making this bulletproof would require some serious work. Maybe it would be more valuable to make cffi bulletproof and go the PyPy-path. As of this writing I wouldn't want to go through the failing tests to clean up support. However if one of them should turn out to be crucial for some actual use-case, e.g. to support some dependent framework, let me know: Then I will fix it with priority.
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