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The real underlying problem for the SNI probe page we were trying ( is that it uses Let's Encrypt, which did not have any CA support prior to Java 8u111. Just tested with an updated JDK and everything looks good. So some unfortunate delays here, but that's being busy.

I changed the title to reflect we still have SNI server support to add. Probably easy, but not something we should delay further for.

As usual, the best way to understand this problem was to compare to an alternative just using Java classes (with minimal Jython wrapping), vs the much more complex entity seen when using our socket/ssl/select alternative:

from __future__ import print_function

from import BufferedInputStream
from import URL
import jarray

url = URL("")
stream = BufferedInputStream(url.openStream())

data = []
while True:
    data.append(jarray.zeros(1024, "b"))
    amount_read =[-1], 0, 1024)
    if amount_read == -1:

print("".join((buff.tostring() for buff in data)))
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