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I think this boils down to faulty Windows-detection in pip/compat:

# windows detection, covers cpython and ironpython
WINDOWS = (sys.platform.startswith("win") or
           (sys.platform == 'cli' and == 'nt'))

I actually wonder how this could have worked on Windows with Jython at all. I see basically three possible solutions:

1) Fix pip to properly detect Windows in Jython-case
2) Let sys.platform be backed by something like PyShadowString in JyNI
3) Adjust PosixModule.geteuid() such taht it also behaves reasonable on Windows

I'd suggest to apply a combination of 1) and 2) or 1) and 3), given that 1) yields the risk of rejection by pip-devs and would take some time in best case, also restricting Jython to use newest pip version.

Regarding 2) see
It would have to be extended such that it also works with startswith.

Regarding 3) we would perform Windows-detection like in PosixModule.uname() and then let PosixModule.geteuid return 
System.getProperty("") or System.getenv("USERNAME") (does it make a difference? Maybe System.getenv("USERNAME") would be more resilient against some faulty launcher.)

Jim: Which would you prefer? Or do you see another option?

Looking forward to forget about issues like this in Jython 3...

P.S. Am I right to think that this issue is a release blocker for Jython 2.7.1?
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