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I haven't used the console installer before. But I get the same effect ... nearly always. The time I tried to follow what it was doing by looking in the temp folder, it completed without the error, and I have pip in the bin folder. It finished:
 70 %
 80 %
Generating start scripts ...
Installing pip and setuptools
 90 %
Ignoring indexes:
Downloading/unpacking setuptools
Downloading/unpacking pip
Installing collected packages: setuptools, pip
Successfully installed setuptools pip
Cleaning up...
 100 %
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Congratulations! You successfully installed Jython 2.7.0 to directory C:\...\issue2521\Jython270.

The visual installer has worked for me recently on Windows 10, or appeared to. And again I got an installed copy of pip. However, there's not much comfort in it as I can confirm pip doesn't work for me on Windows. It dies on geteuid() again.

I favour idea 3, but would a user name be viable in whatever use a program may subsequently do with the result? I don't understand 2.

I notice that in bash for Windows the id command (id (GNU coreutils) 8.25) comes back with a numerical uid but I don't know how.

I also fervently wish sys.platform were not as it is in Jython.
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