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I like the idea of making the platform pure Java, but then I agree Jython shouldn't implement anything that you can do within the JVM. (By default I really like JyNI though! Hoping to get some more time to look at it soon)

Had another idea for a solution for this maybe we should just return None if the OS call fails I did this in It's actually easy as getlogin() already returns PyObject. I'm not sure its a great solution though what do you think? It avoids the error message issue and is quite faithful to If this was adopted it would still be down to the user code to handle the None in some way but the error would be gone.

I don't think the "private static final POSIX posix = POSIXFactory.getJavaPOSIX(posixHandler, true);" would be useful almost all the methods in PosixModule disappear in this case because of the "@Hide(value=OS.NT, posixImpl = PosixImpl.JAVA)" annotation.

Also the github repo is a bit behind the mercurial one I have another issue for that
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