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Date 2017-02-24.11:52:35
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I am currently implementing a way that will give us fine-grained control of how Jython displays and sys.platform to certain modules.
Actually to certain classes and even certain methods as well.
Opening this issue to keep track of that development and to collect ideas for tagets.

It is based on an idea from JyNI, which we also discussed in #2521.

However it seems that implementing the PyShadowString idea as mentioned in #2521 would break to much code (I did some experiments).
So I added more control by allowing to add 'targets' to PyShadowString. PyShadowString will then only apply its fake-__eq__ implementation if a target is in the traceback. A target can be any regex-String and can be registered with scope on class or scope on method.

This will get clearer once I can come up with an actual implementation. Stay tuned...
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