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Javen, thanks for looking into this!
I'd prefer to not change inspect, because long-term goal is to use an unmodified std-lib.
Also, it would be nice if the call inspect uses to detect a module (isinstance(object, types.ModuleType)) would be workable outside of inspect for Java-modules.

I see two places where this might be fixable inside of Jython:

1) Look at
It sets up baseClass and bases (List<PyObject> visibleBases).
Maybe adding ModuleType somehow to bases could fix according isinstance-calls. (Not sure if plainly adding that type goes well through isinstance; additional tweaks might be required.)

2) Look at
Thant method backs Python's isinstance on Java-side. You could add special treatment for PyJavaType to fix inspect's module-detection call.

I feel like 1) would be the most "down to the root"-fix possible. If 1) isn't workable, 2) would be a good still Jython-internal alternative.

Maybe a combination of 1) and 2) would also be an option. E.g. in 1) add ModuleType to bases and fix 2) if it doesn't properly take them into account.
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