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Per (part of, which added test_endless_recursion), we most likely want to do a defensive use of ThreadState#enterCall, so we can reduce the expected amount of "available" stack.

Note that prior to 2.7.0, we did not have a Java accelerator (port of _json.c), so this problem never occurred because it was only in Python code (which always checks on every call). In general, I would have expected the call to the default function would cause enough checking, but apparently not.

There's a subtle interaction between (by default 1000,, the actual memory for the stack (set by -Xss), and how much Java code is actually executed. It looks like we have been exploring this subtlety during the course of this bug.

I don't think there's much more we can ask Java itself to do here; much like CPython, we have to code even more defensively.
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