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Date 2017-07-04.13:38:14
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I have a process that uses Jython to check that files are being checked into a SCM using the correct line ends (its a Java test that uses Jython, embedded using JSR 223, to run 29057 tests. Each test is the following Jython script (written on the fly in Java where PATH is the file to check and changes every time):

import os
failing = False
if "\r\n" in open(os.path.normpath(PATH), "rb").read():
    failing = True

This has the following runtimes (in seconds) on the same computer with no other changes than Jython version:

Jython 2.7.0: 89.442 (~1.5 minutes)
Jython 2.7.1: 10,788.489 (~3 hours or ~120 times as long as 2.7.0)

Am working on an isolated reproducible Java class; will attach when ready.
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