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RK: I'm glad you were able to run that at the interactive prompt. The output is what I would expect and this suggests the installation is basically good.

However, you'll notice that interactively you didn't get a message about failing to import site, that you quote in your first post, and that there sys.prefix and sys.path are different. The messaage is from this bit of code:

The difference is therefore down to the environment in which Jython is launched by Confluence. Something about that environment causes Jython not to find its home directory. Jython uses this code to find home:

Is it possible to define the propery python.home in the JVM that runs Confluence?

I appreciate you haven't changed the environment from 2.5.3, but there's quite an elapsed period between the two, and Jython evolves. It looks like Bob Swift's scripting plug-in has only advanced to Jython 2.5.3. It would be good to see it move to 2.7.1. Do you represent the developer, or are you just a user of it?
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