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So the key exception here is

Caused by: Too many open files in system 

(or equivalently in French, as seen in the reported traceback, Caused by: Trop de fichiers ouverts)

which then causes this exception:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: failed to create a child event loop

So presumably this problem is manifesting in 2.7.1 because we chose to isolate PySystemState (= sys) in 2.7.1 per #2154. This isolation in turn means that we are constantly re-initializing PySystemState, including imports of socket. But it's not itself a situation where we are creating new threads; at least on OS X, the thread count remains stable. However, lsof reports a constant growth in files, specifically KQUEUE and PIPE files, before the number of files get too high (on my laptop, that's around 8K open files).

Note this is only seen in the import of the socket module itself.

Also our JSR223 support is perceptibly quite slow given this sys isolation.
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