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This doesn't only effect empty list != on a Java list with Python list will currently return True, where == also returns True e.g.
    >>> from java.util import ArrayList       
    >>> al1 = ArrayList([1,2,3])
    >>> al1 == [1,2,3]
    True   <================= Correct
    >>> al1 != [1,2,3]
    True   <================= This is wrong!

I have looked into this one a bit and it seems like the issue is evaluating __ne__ for Java lists. I have a test case and a fix on a branch here but it might not be the best solution.

I would like to investigate a little more though as currently JavaProxyList didn't implement __ne__ which I though should be ok as it should be logically equivalent to not(__eq__) however that wasn't the code path followed (when evaluating !=) so maybe this points to a different underlying problem. If anyone has looked at this area before feel free to comment with hints.
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