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I did notice a remarkable similarity.  Having said that, I would think it makes sense, if one is to believe that jython is an implementation of Python (with extensions), as opposed to another language which looks remarkably like Python.

I see a comment on the all-knowing stackoverglow which claims time.clock() is deprecated in Python 3.3.

Having said all that, when you say "it masy be a defect not to state that behaviours documented as "does what the C library does" are CPython implementation details (or it may just be obvious)", the way I read that you are saying CPython is not Python.  I was under the impression that (C)Python is the definitive definition of the language, and that functions in (C)Python are exactly what the Python docs say, and the fact that (the default C)Python is implemented in C is not material.
I admit I could be horrible confused on that point.

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