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Stefan: I may be misunderstanding what you are expecting. Searching for an example, I find:

It is true that my first attempts to have Jython produce that text were unsatisfactory:

>>> import io
>>> f ='x.tmp', 'wb', buffering=0)
>>> type(f)
<type '_io.FileIO'>
>>> help(f.mode)
no Python documentation found for 'wb'

But it actually appears when you ask for help on the FileIO object:
>>> help(f)
Help on FileIO object:

class FileIO(_RawIOBase)
 |  Method resolution order:
 |      FileIO
 |      _RawIOBase
 |      _IOBase
 |      __builtin__.object
 |  Methods defined here:
 |  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |  Data descriptors defined here:
 |  closefd
 |      True if the file descriptor will be closed
 |  mode
 |      String giving the file mode: 'rb', 'rb+', or 'wb'

This is similar in CPython.
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