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tnsping is apparently an Oracle utility

It looks like it produces 9-ish lines of output. We can test with some other command (maybe regular ping?), but if that does not reproduce it for us then we need to know whether Mary has problems with only that command, or can reproduce it with a commonly-available command.

It is also essential I think to be sure of the version of Jython in use. The subprocess module attracts a lot of change. It seems to break easily in the face of other changes (for example changes to the console or our attempts to get encoding right). I would not be surprised to find a bug here, or that something failed on 2.7.0 that is fixed in 2.7.2a1.

There are tests in test.test_subprocess that appear to exercise PIPE streams.

Yes, we test whether the platform is Jython, and in that case the sub-process is constructed with java.lang.ProcessBuilder. This is done by making alternative definitions of several of the functions found in So there's a fair amount of difference from CPython.

When I tackle things like this I use pdb, inserting set_trace() and print statements into the copy of (in this case) that is in dist/Lib. That way I'm not corrupting the codebase. (Then ant clean developer-build will wash it all away.) Low-tech, I know.
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