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Now in the repository at:

This was developed on Windows but now also verified on my Linux system to test the other code path:

jeff@amos ~/eclipse/jython-trunk $ LANG=el_GR.iso88597 dist/bin/jython -m test.regrtest -e
== 2.7.2a1+ (default:9185f0a117f0, May 5 2018, 15:11:55) 
== [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (Oracle Corporation)]
== platform: java1.8.0_161
== encodings: stdin=ISO-8859-7, stdout=ISO-8859-7, FS=utf-8
== locale: default=('el_GR', 'ISO-8859-7'), actual=(None, None)

This must be the result of running "locale charmap" as the property "sun.stdout.encoding" is not present in this JVM. (Oti's idea extended to Linux.) It shows that the encoding ends up where you'd like, and the file system encoding is still utf-8.

Quite a few tests failed for me in the Greek locale, but the same is true before the change.
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