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The remaining violations that surface from jnr-posix are from, or from jnr.posix.JavaLibCHelper$ReflectiveAccess. In both cases as a result of calls to os.fstat (that is org.python.modules.posix.PosixModule$FstatFunction.__call__).

For the most part, these in turn are the result of calls to where it attempts to get the filesystem block size, although there are other root causes (fileinput$py.readline, SimpleHTTPServer$py.send_head). Note that it is only that does this. the pure Java has a fixed idea of the ideal block size.

Seems like issues #1736 and #2320 just go on giving. C file descriptors are a terrible idea. They don't *describe* anything unless you also have access to a table we can't see. As we have worked this a few times already I incline to think that a good solution is not imminent, so not for 2.7.2.
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