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You don't need to condition this on "interactive" here, I would say. The problem (I think) is twofold, or one-and-a-half-fold, anyway.

In we are assigning an empty string when we should probably be assigning PyAttributeDeleted.INSTANCE to ps1 and ps2. Perhaps at that same place we should be removing them from __dict__. Take a look at PySystemState.__delattr__.

If that doesn't do it, then it's not so easy, and I think the focus is PySystemState.__rawdir__ . If you set a breakpoint there and watch it work you'll learn a lot about how hard Jython works under the covers to implement duck-typing. However, rather than use the generic dictionary update() method, in __rawdir__, maybe we need to use a loop where we step through __dict__ entries and don't add keys with a PyAttributeDeleted.INSTANCE value to accum. You have to remember that __dict__ is potentially *any* PyObject, so you can't assume it is the type you see in the debugger. You'll need something like PyObject.asIterable() and isMappingType().
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