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Users will continue to depend on the JARs we currently build using Ant, and the installer, which takes the approach that all dependencies are bundled in javalib (or the standalone JAR). So it is clear that we need to continue to deliver that. Call this the "bundled" product.

I take this issue to be a request that we build (using Gradle) an artifact that can be cited as a dependency by other projects, and cites its dependencies in turn. And this is an enhancement that stands alongside the established, bundled product. I imagine it would be referenced by the co-ordinates "org.python:jython:2.7.2". Is this a reasonable interpretation?

It seems feasible for me to try this, leaving the Ant build exactly as it is and starting from scratch with Gradle. If it fails we haven't broken anything. One would run both builds to release Jython.

There will be a problem keeping the versions of JARs in sync between the two builds, that we will want to solve eventually (I predict), by moving production of both to Gradle: not for 2.7.2, though.
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