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Brief progress report. I have a build.gradle of about 700 lines now and it feels like each line has been re-written about 5 times. Jython is an interesting choice as one's first Gradle project.

I am aiming for the build to produce a JAR that can be placed in a repository and cited in other projects' Maven and Gradle builds. For this I think I need:

1. to include all the Jython-specific material (including the borrowed standard library and other resources), so a bit like the standalone JAR.

2. to exclude all the material that a dependent project could get by itself from the repository (no jar'red jars or their contents), so quite unlike jython.jar or the standalone JAR.

The Gradle build will not (for some time) give us all the facilities of the Ant build, e.g. regrtest or installers. For this reason, it runs as a separate command, with its own build and output directories. Also, the source layout should be as we have it now, although Gradle is quite grumpy about that.

Does anyone think that the specification above is *not* what we should be aiming for?

I can run the compile, expose, stdlib copy, and (some) unit tests, and I get a decent-looking JAR. If you name the target JAR correctly, I can generate from it, without all that error-prone editing we have now. (I like Gradle better than Ant for this, apart from the fact that someone has already given us an Ant build. Friends don't make friends write XML.)

I have not yet managed to run the Jython compiler Ant task from Gradle (pycompile), so as to get the compiled stdlib in the JAR. What I did for the expose task isn't quite working for me. This is how it's been.

Still to do: finish pycompile, resources a comparison with jython-standalone.jar indicates are still missing, generate a pom, and learn to publish to a repository (if only on my machine).
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