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I've got Gradle building (what looks like) a correct JAR now. The JAR works when substituted for jython-dev.jar in the development environment. Jython gives me a prompt and appears to work, but I can't test it yet.

There are a few wrinkles not due to the Gradle build itself. The regrtest does not run for reasons to do with normalizing paths that include a JAR, and %py.class files are ignored due to #2697. This makes me wonder how things are with the standalone JAR.

I've chosen to exclude the tests from the JAR but I think there a case for building one that includes the test suite. Or one that contains just the test suite.

Our unit tests will need tweaks since some assume a particular layout of "installed Jython" that doesn't apply under dependency management. Many unit tests are disabled at present in the Gradle build.

This seems like a good place to pause. I'm to be holding several bits of unfinished (Jython) work and while this one is gradually yeilding, it's putting up a fight every step of the way. If you want to kick the tyres its here:
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