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I found my own work-around for to avoid manually hacking the POM. Gradle's ratio of questions to knowledgeable answers is high in the forums.

I can now make what I think is the right JAR (may be missing a resource or two) and a JAR of tests separately ( I can get aprompt, but not run much as  the import mechanism is broken when using Gradle-built JAR. I ought to be able to run the regression test suite (most of it) and that's not working so far.

It's currently more a question of what to do than how. When running from our JAR, what do python.home or sys.executable mean? Some of our libraries and many of our tests assume a particular layout that works where we normally tests (it's all in ./dist), but not here.

However, this is very like the position an application is in when it uses our standalone JAR, so I'm looking at how that gets its bearings and which tests normally work.
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