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The problems I was having with import were attributable to limitations in stand alone Jython.

I get reasonable success running the regrtest with this JAR, but our tests are not developed to run with the library in a JAR. We do not test the stand-alone JAR this way, and when I try it's about the same. I can attribute all my failures to one of the following:
1. There is no launcher. (Maybe sys.executable should be None, but we've been there.)
2. We do not have namespace packages, so a separate JAR of tests doesn't quite work for e.g. lib2to3.tests.
3. We try to open as a regular file test material that is now a resource in the JAR.

Many of the Java unit tests work, but others attempt to navigate the file tree of ~/dist, which doesn't exist at the point where Gradle runs unit tests.

I've been able to get a trivial demo program to work citing Jython as a dependency when published to my local .m2 cache.

I suggest the level of success in tests means I've got the JAR basically correct. And none of this has changed Jython, so I can't have broken it. I feel less certain that the JAR and POM will work correctly as dependencies in someone else's complex project, and it's that I'd to see tested when we get to a beta release (or maybe an alpha) published via sonatype.
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