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That would be great. Nothing started AFAIK.

I believe it would be possible to dress a site as when we are ready, and with the help of the PSF infrastructure team who own the name.

The front page text is available at the link but the frame and navigation are something separate. I think Frank would know what, if you want to re-use it.

I like Sphinx for documents and have used it succesfully with readthedocs, but it produces something more like a book. GitHub itself will try to render RST but only supports a subset of Sphinx RST. See for example .

Most of the content is a link out to the Wiki, PSF or documentation that could well be Sphinx and could be at RTD. The actual site need be very few pages, maybe one. The PyInstaller site might be a good example, or the ANTLR one. (ANTLR do their docs with GitHub Markdown but it's not the website, and is a bit constraining.)
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