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Nice work! That looks good. Markdown is less limiting than I expected.

Front page:

I like "what is" as a front page better than News, especially as news is somewhat slow.

We should signal our PSF allegiance clearly. Certainly with links into

We've often said we should have a "who uses Jython" section: other projects/products that make serious use. It's in IBM WebSphere, Pig and RobotFramework for example. Maybe there's a prestigeous research institition too.

I expected "view on GitHub" to take me to the source of the website.

I found "Jython maintained by jamesmudd" a little odd. Maybe this is generated. I think the link here should be who maintains the website, and in any case, we could take responsibility as a team.


Good. I think the main issue is how to provide JavaDoc. One approach might be to link a JAR on Maven Central (the Gradle build supplies one) but that's more like a download. But it's useful, I think, if it can be browsed directly (and is found by search engines), but where? It would be a pain to check the tree in to the repo. Maybe not such a pain: it's only done after a release, so that would be sub-annually.

This is a better link for the devguide: 

The Very Slow Jython Project is probably only of interest to folk like us.
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