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Thanks for taking a look, I'm quite pleased with how its going.

Thanks for the suggestions, here are some comments.
- I have updated the dev-guide link.
- I have removed the maintained by footer that was a auto-generated part of the theme i'm using, not sure how useful it would be even if it was correct though, so removed.
- Changed the JavaDoc link to I think hosting it here in the future would be a good idea though so I will look into that.

I will do some more on the home page I think a "who uses" section would be good and can try some more advanced markdown.

I think a getting started guide would be good too so I might have a look at that.

For the "Very Slow Jython Project" link I think its useful but maybe not under Documentation. I was thinking of having a links page to collect together more stuff like this, and a place for Jython related projects like JyNI.
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