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#5 Yes, I have broken Jython on Linux. There's a bug in my handling of -Dkey=value.

This is easily fixed. It doesn't emerge on Windows because the launcher collects -D and -J-D options and makes them all Java -D definitions. That design also changes the semantics slightly, relative to the shell script, as *Java* -D definitions (supplied by -J-D) become pre-properties in initialisation, while -D definitions given to *Jython* directly become post-properties, so take ultimate precedence in the registry.

However, appears to have been broken on Linux for some time by the shebang line. (#2707 raised.) is also slightly broken on both Linux and Windows in the way it handles -c: it fails always to preserve the option argument (the code) as a single string by quoting. If I work around #2707 and fix the -D bug

For me, in a developer-built Jython, dist/bin/jython means the shell script, but in test_jython_launcher, is explicitly used. Then you can see the command string, having lost its quotes, is treated as a series of arguments not as a single option to -c. I'd observed some weirdness on Windows, but it varied between posh and cmd, and I put it down to quote-handing in the shell. I may have broken this when refactoring the launcher for unicode.

Grrr. Every time I get close to closing a bug I seem to have to open two more.
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