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hi Jeff,

I had hit a brick wall. I found the code for a overloaded __delattr__ method that specifically dealt with the PyAttributeDeleted said it needed to be fixed, so I had attempted to look at the invoker to see what was happening and try something, but basically, the loop only ran once and didn't delete all the deleted attributes. 

Also, through many debug sessions, I realized that the system seemed to not recognize it was in non-interactive mode (basing on the tty), so that was making me realize Ineeded to bus up on my Java, and now with Java 10 and 11 appearing, I sort of put Jython on the back burner. 

If you believe you've fixed it, great! I'll look for another issue to play with.

But, I am still interested and as i discover how IntelliJ deals with it, I amend my "how-to" blog post accordingly. Which Java version are you refactoring to?

I apologize for how long its been. A few crises have come along to make life more challenging, but still I plow on.

Thank you!
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