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I'm following up on the email thread "[Jython-dev] What's needed to get updated?", see I share Jim's view that James' work should get online ASAP. IMO it is right now already much better suited as a Jython homepage than current Some remarks:

- I discovered that traditionally, old Jython websites are still archived:
We should keep this habit and preserve current in some way. I think that has some direct server url under the hood. Can we redirect and place an "oldside" link to the original webspace on the new page? Otherwise we'd have to look into tools for website cloning to preserve a copy of current

- @jamesmudd I noticed that does not allow to create issues. (I wanted to file issues on some typos) Anyway, the best solution would be to push your work back to Could you do that soon?

- One thing occurred to me about the logo: On (and also on the logo is fairly low quality. There are better quality versions floating around in the internet, e.g. at I don't know where the author originally found the higher quality version of the logo; I wasn't able to spot it anywhere on Can we simply take the one linked above? It's still the original logo, just in higher resolution and should thus be PSF-owned. Opinions?

@zyasoft Jim, what needs to be done to redirect to It is under PSF ownership, isn't it? Who needs to be contacted?
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