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Thanks for the comments. I agree that its already "good enough" to work as a replacement and once its there anyone can start contributing to it.
I wanted to move the "new website info" to the News page. so I will do that and then open a PR to update
I don't think I can push there directly? I haven't tried though.

@Stefan You raise a few points I had also been considering.
1. Keeping the old website accessible somewhere. I haven't looked at this. Should it be part of the new site or hosted somewhere else with a link? Definitely think this should be done. I think it would work if I copy all the HTML in I will have a look at that too.
2. Higher resolution logo. I was meaning to ask about this do we have a vector version of the logo I could use?

On the JavaDoc issue. I have changed back to for now, which might even be a better option. However the issue is that _ is used for special files/directories in Jekyll see there are a few workarounds which I tried but didn't get any of them to work nicely. I got it to work but additional files I didn't want were copied. Would be worth some more investigation if we decide we want to host JavaDoc.
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