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> I don't think I can push there directly? I haven't tried though.
I think you can't at the moment, but that definitely shall be made possible. Will follow up on this aspect via email...

> 1. Keeping the old website accessible somewhere...

I am fine with whatever option is technically easier. I would find it nice if we could have a menu entry to access old sites like, listing 2.5/2.7 site along with its ancestors 2.1, 2.2.

> 2. Higher resolution logo. I was meaning to ask about this do we have a vector version of the logo I could use?

I once asked a question like this on the mailing list and failed to get an answer. Just searched again and found this thread, leading to That seems to be the original source and contains no svg. If we really require an svg we could seek contact to Jesse Ross and ask if he still has the svg source that was apparently used to create the varying formats on that page linked. Alternatively we could use a tool like portrace (nowadays included with inkscape by default). However, I think the high resolution version at is sufficient for now.

> On the JavaDoc issue. I have changed back to for now... works well enough and there are more important issues than self-hosting javadoc. Let's go with for a while and see how reliable it is. E.g. let's see how long it takes to mirror javadoc of Jython 2.7.2 when it is released.
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