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A quick update.

Think I have cleaned up the site a bit more, moving to higher res logo, adding page titles etc and it could not be merged. I have opened a PR to do that. I still can't push directly to the Jython organisation. I think I can to jythonTools (but i haven't tried it, I just see I could merge PRs)

On keeping the old website: Initially I added it to the new site but I didn't really like it as it made the repo very large as it contains podcasts etc. So I stripped the biggest stuff out but it was still quite large ~40 MB and now had some of the content missing. Then I had a better idea, make another repo to hold the archived site content, and host that using Github pages too. So this is now available at with the repo here this would need to be transferred to Jython ownership or an equivalent repo made there, once its working it can be marked read-only on GitHub as it should never change. The current new site needs to have links back to the archived site, currently this point at the actual site but those can easily be changed.

I think this approach of having a separate repo might work nicely for hosting JavaDoc too so I will take a look at that.
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