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Date 2018-10-17.20:15:58
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The CI (Travis, not looking at the others) performs some fatally failing runs due to some config issues. However, there are also some okay runs and for these the only failure is test_urllib2net since some time.
So. fixing (or muting) this issue, turns at least some runs green, providing a better look than currently.

     [exec] 379 tests OK.
     [exec] 2 tests skipped:
     [exec]     test_codecmaps_hk test_curses
     [exec] 1 test failed:
     [exec]     test_urllib2net
     [exec] 1 fail unexpected:
     [exec]     test_urllib2net
     [exec] Re-running failed tests in verbose mode
     [exec] Re-running test 'test_urllib2net' in verbose mode
     [exec] test test_urllib2net failed -- multiple errors occurred

Unfortunately the "verbose" rerun of test_urllib2net is not very enlightening. I suspect it will be tedious to find the cause.
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