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Date 2018-10-21.12:59:45
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In test_ssl I notice that in a couple of places we have disabled tests when running on Java 9 or beyond (in BasicSocketTests.test_errors and ContextTests.test_load_cert_chain). I am experiencing what looks to be the same failure in test_socket_jy (on Java 9) in SSLSocketConnectTest.test_connect_ex_workout .

test_ssl contains the comment:
# Possible FIXME similar issue as seen in
# test_load_cert_chain - apparently this RSA 1024 cert is too weak and gets a
# Key protection  algorithm not found before the
# ValueError raised on earlier versions of Java;
# but we need to confirm this is truly the case on Java 9
(The test is supposed to raise a ValueError but fails creating the socket, I think.)

I'm raising it as an issue here so we do not just forget it. I cannot tell yet whether this is just a problem with the test material or a real problem in use.
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