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I would say so. "platform: java10.0.1" is the clue. The list is the same that I see (or saw) on Java 9. I hadn't noticed we were testing on 9+  *<:(

I have eliminated some of these failures this weekend, and the ugly reflective access warnings (except from jnr.posix). I have a couple more in my sights, then will push as a batch to save possible merges.

Another thing to mention is that the idiom:
    if support.get_java_version() < (1, 9):
will not work reliably, so test_ssl (it appears) is not skipping the problematic code. But this also is fixed on my repo.

Do we intend to test on 10? I think this has happened because we allow it to choose the default Java. It's useful to see, but it will be red for a while. Or rather, given our CI *is* running on versions 9+, we should make it run cleanly by skipping (and raising an issue). I can easily do that, and for a couple of them, fixing them is as quick.
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