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Stefan wrote:
    ...there is somewhere the line in the gc module:
    private static short gcFlags = 0;
    change it to
    private static short gcFlags = DONT_TRAVERSE_BY_REFLECTION;

Yes, that stops the warnings. But now the tests fail (of course) because the expected collection does not take place. If we disable traversal by reflection as a whole, then we must skip the test.

We could do this either on all JVMs or on all those from Java 9 onwards. But that can't be rational, since if this is necessary on Java 8 it doesn't suddenly stop being necessary on Java 9.

Here I risk displaying my ignorance of the use case. The best course seems to me to disable it (by default) on all JVMs as shown, and raise an issue about the feature producing warnings with Java 9+. Those who enable reflective traversal (by talking to the gc module), and then get messages that mention reflection and the gc module, should be able to put 2 and 2 together, unlike those for whom it comes out of the blue.
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