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You can use the jlink tool to create a run-time image containing your own modules and you'll see a directory for each of your modules in /modules. The only module that is guaranteed to be present is java.base.

The jrt file system provider was developed for tools, such as IDEs, that run on one JDK but compile/build an application using a different JDK. The IDE might running on JDK 8 but targeting JDK 11 for example. The cross targeting scenario might not be interesting for Jython so maybe you have the flexibility to use java.lang.module APIs, in which case you could use the java.lang.module APIs to easily get the set of modules that export packages and the packages that they export.

As regards a --module-path equivalent then Jython could use the ModuleFinder.of(Path ...) API to create a ModuleFinder to find modules on the module path. That will do most of the work for you in the event that you do add this option in the future.
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